About Us

Falcon Steel has been in the steel industry for more than 18 years. We started as a steel trader and soon established a solid footing by establishing new horizon. Today Falcon Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of graded steel with multidimensional interests including making billets of Mild Steel, Deformed bar/ Re-enforcement bars and a huge range of sections such as I-Beam, H-Beam, T-bar/T-Section.


Become The Market Leader of The Steel Industry

Falcon Steel believes honesty and integrity are the essentials ingredients of a strong and stable enterprise

Our Mission is: 

To serve the humanity through entrepreneurship.


Focusing on Primary Business & Exploring

The vision of Falcon Steel is to be a leading steel producer of Pakistan and be recognized at a national level. While focusing on primary business and exploring new opportunities, we aim at remaining ethically and socially responsible.