Reinforcement Steel Bars (Rebar)

De – Formed bars have been designed for concrete structure. Our Rebars are manufactured through engineering , keeping in view nominal dia, weight per meter, Ribs dimensions, Ribs Height, Ribs Spacing, Yield Stress, ultimate stress, stress ratio(Ultimate / Yield) & extension ratio.

Steel Billets

Although some of the billets produced at Falcon Steel Mills are sold directly to customers, most are processed into bars in our rolling mills. We supply high quality steel billets of various cross-sections and sizes, which enable us to meet the customer requirements and industry specifications. Permissible variations from specified ranges and marketing are tabulated. […]

Technical & Mechanical Specification

Advanced technology to meet the market requirements and superior surface quality are some of the prominent features of Falcon Steel’s rebar. Rebar Specification  Characteris tics BS 4449:2005 Gr B500B BS 4449:2005 Gr B500C ASTM A615 Gr 60 ASTM A615 Gr 75 ASTM A615 Gr 80 QS600 (YS>600MPa) ISO 6935-2 :2007 B500B-R SASO ASTM A615:2015 Chemical […]